IEF’s management leads a compact, flat organization that operates in a targeted way in the fields of real estate management, financing, tax-related issues and the structuring of real estate transactions. IEF sees its management as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The goal is to provide its partners with the best possible returns for which its dedicated management team is the ultimate tool.


The fund, asset and property management are conducted by a dedicated team of professionals. The team takes all key investment decisions, including financial, tax, and handles all other strategic matters. These professionals are highly committed to the funds’ performance and conduct numerous activities themselves such as the acquisition of new tenants.


As demonstrated in recent years and in previous transactions, IEF is capable of acting very rapidly and decisively while maintaining proper due diligence in executing large and complex real estate transactions. The wide and in-depth knowledge of the various relevant areas of expertise, the hands-on mentality, and the close involvement of its shareholders makes IEF strong, agile and successful in the Dutch real estate market.



Good governance, from a social, environmental and corporate point of view, is pivotal and key for a sustainable return in the long run for IEF and its shareholders. This is achieved in numerous ways. Proper checks and balances play an important role, but also providing the right workplace for employees. IEF and its employees adhere to the applicable laws and regulations and act in accordance with our internal policies. These are regularly reviewed and, for instance, updated if laws and regulations change.


Furthermore, IEF also tries to improve the sustainability of its real estate, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Apart from the importance to society as a whole, it strengthens the value of the assets creating the best balance between financial and social returns in the long run and thus leading to stable results for society and our partners.