IEF Capital distinguishes itself through a strong focus on quality, a long-term investment horizon, active portfolio management and a very good understanding of promising properties and locations.

IEF Capital’s management leads a compact, flat organization that operates in a targeted way in the fields of real estate management, financing, tax-related issues and the structuring of real estate transactions. The IEF Capital team consists of highly qualified professionals who have a broad range of expertise, most of it international.

The fund and commercial asset management is conducted by a dedicated team of professionals, in line with an up to date governance structure. The team is charged with all key investment decisions, including financial, tax, and other strategic issues. These professionals are highly committed to the fund’s performance and conduct numerous activities themselves including the acquisition of new tenants.

As demonstrated in recent years and in previous transactions, IEF Capital is capable of acting very rapidly and decisively while maintaining proper due diligence in executing large and complex real estate transactions. The wide and in depth knowledge of the various relevant areas of expertise, the hands-on mentality, and the close involvement of its shareholders makes IEF Capital strong, agile and successful in the Dutch real estate market.