Since its foundation over ten years ago, IEF Capital has become a leading real estate manager with an excellent track record in strategic acquisitions, disposals, financing and optimizing high quality commercial real estate.

IEF Capital’s investment philosophy is as simple as it is effective: the quality of a location is always the leading factor. IEF Capital believes in readily marketable, future-proof, city center locations that guarantee a stable long-term cash flow and that have an attractive risk-return profile.

Location is the leading factor, size is explicitly not. IEF Capital has extensive knowledge of local market developments and dares to invest in both large and small properties at future-proof, promising locations. Therefore, IEF Capital is in the market for the long run, not a quick win. This investment policy has formed the core of our successful business for many years.

IIEF Capital’s properties are classified as a core or a core plus investment product. For each portfolio, IEF Capital selects the , IEF Capital selects the financing structure that is most appropriate to the individual portfolio’s characteristics and purpose. IEF Capital has access to national and international capital providers and selects its partners based on the fund’s long term objectives. Hence, IEF Capital aims for long-term, sustainable relations with key capital partners worldwide.